About Best RV Sale

Our mission at Best RV Sale is to be your online solution for buying or selling new and used RV’s. Our site is designed to give you the most control of the buying process and help make finding an RV easier than ever before.

Whether you're shopping for a new or used RV, our website offers you these benefits:

Not sure which type of RV you want? That's okay. Best RV Sale lets you research and learn about all the types (known as Classes) of the current RV Industries then compare new and used RV’s by searching the Class/Type, mileage, price and numerous other criteria.

About Dealer Marketing Service (DMS)

Dealer Marketing Service is a small private company that specializes in online classified sites offering an economical and effective way to market Niche Market, Inventory extensive RV, Motorcycle, Marine, Aircraft and Semi Trucks.

Since the beginning, our growth has been fueled by our commitment to providing world-class experiences to our customers and yours. We’ve done that by investing in our sites and processes. Our record for comprehensive, effective advertising stacks up against the competition and we are committed to continuing that history of success. We are dedicated to provide you with the best, most reliable, and safest websites.



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